Code of Ethics

By admin, August 24, 2009 15:01

In order to promote the highest ideals among the Siberian Husky owners and breeders and to aim for the continuous improvement of the breed within the framework of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa breed standard, I endeavour to:

Follow the rules of good sportsmanship in all Siberian Husky competition and activities.

Fully explain to all prospective Siberian Husky purchasers the disadvantages as well as the advantages of owning this breed.

Attempt to help and befriend novice exhibitors, sledding enthusiasts, breeders and pet owners.

Before entering into any breeding agreement, carefully analyse the conformation and the pedigrees of the prospective sire and dam, take into consideration any known hereditary or genetic defects and, having the breed standard in mind, refuse the mating if, in my opinion, it will not be in the best interests of the breed.

Undertake to screen all those Siberian Huskies I propose to breed from all hereditary defects including hip dysplasia. I will not breed from stock that is affected by progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), cataracts, pre-disposition to primary glaucoma and will ensure that all puppies produced through my breeding endeavours will be similarly tested before they are bred from. If another hereditary problem occurs in my bloodlines, I will be honest and open about it to ensure that it is not unknowingly perpetuated in the breed.

Refuse to deal with dog wholesalers or to sell puppies or dogs to pet shops and will include in all stud contracts an agreement to be signed by the owner of the bitch that no puppies resulting from the mating will be disposed of to commercial dog dealers, puppy farmers, pet shops or wholesale merchants.

Accept full responsibility for all puppies bred by me. I will take back, or provide for, any dog of my breeding that needs a new home until I find an alternative suitable home.

Help to encourage Siberian Husky owners to train and work their dogs in harness so that the primary function of the breed may be perpetuated.

Not participate in any activities that would create bad publicity for the breed.

I WILL have all dogs and puppies owned and/or bred by me microchipped for registration and identification purposes.

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